Energy Solution Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions About Switching Retail Energy Providers

General Questions

How can I be sure that Deregulated Solutions is able to get electricity to my business?
When you change electricity providers, there is no change in the delivery of electricity to your business. Your current Local Transmission and Distribution Service Provider remains the same and will continue to transmit and distribute electricity to your facility, as well as provide any maintenance in the event of an outage. The switch is seamless and there will be no interruption of power. If you ever have any questions about your service or bills, please contact us immediately and we’ll take care of everything for you.
What rates for electricity can Deregulated Solutions offer to me?
We can include residential meters on a commercial contract.
Deregulated Solutions rates are determined by a number of factors including the usage history of your facility, the hedging strategies of the Retail Electricity Providers, natural gas prices, wholesale prices, heat rates, weather trends and geopolitical issues.
Is there a switching fee involved?
Deregulated Solutions does not charge a switching fee for its electric service, but your local electric distribution company may charge a connection fee or disconnection fee if the switch occurs off cycle from the pre-determined meter read date. These one-time charges, also called non-recurring charges, will be passed through on your bill.
If I sign up with Deregulated Solutions, do I need to notify my current Retail Electricity Provider?
No, we will handle the notification and switch process with your current electricity provider. Do not call your current provider to cancel as this may disrupt your service.
When will I receive my first bill?
Depending on your billing cycle, you should receive your final bill from your current provider within 30-45 days after the switch occurs. Following that, you should receive your first bill from your new supplier in approximately 35-40 days.

Additional Questions

Will Deregulated Solutions be able to supply me with at least the same level of account service I currently have with my current Retail Electricity Provider?
Yes, Deregulated Solutions is committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service and we pride ourselves in the care of our customers. Should you have any questions regarding your bill or account, please call us at 800-609-3180. Email us at
Will my energy rate ever change?
At Deregulated Solutions, we provide both fixed and variable rate products. Depending on your risk tolerance, we will determine the best product to meet your needs. A 100% fixed product will protect you from the price volatility associated with the energy market.
How long does it take to switch?
After you sign-up, service is switched according to your desired switch date. You have the option of switching over immediately, the first available switch date, or self-selecting a switch date in the future.
Is there a set-up charge if I switch with Deregulated Solutions?
No, there is no set-up charge from Deregulated Solutions when you sign-up.
Is there a cancellation fee if I change my mind?
If you elect to execute a 100% fixed rate solution and later decide to change your mind you could be subject to cancellation fees. When you decide to lock in a fixed rate, the supplier you choose then buys the power on the wholesale market for you.
If I switch with Deregulated Solutions, will I receive a bill from my old electric service provider?
Because all switches must go through the public utility commission (a state agency that prevents electric customers from being unknowingly switched), it takes approximately 45-60 days from the day you enroll with your new supplier to the time you receive your first bill from your new supplier. During that time you may still receive a final bill from your old electric service provider closing your account with them.